Author and cancer survivor

Tommy Johnson, Sr.

My new “5th & FINAL Edition Cancer Book” has new color pictures, some new stories and new testimonies of cancer victims that my book has helped.

I found and added some “ground breaking” research called 15 SIGNS OF POSSIBLY HAVING CANCER! Half the battle of beating cancer is catching it early no matter what you take, regular medical treatment or alternatives.

If every person in the world could just read pages 106 – 108 it is my belief cancer could be wiped out completely! It is THAT important.

Unfortunately, if you get cancer I believe it is best to consider ALL your options, both regular medical treatment as well as alternative options. It is your choice to make, not your doctor’s choice or my choice.

You and only YOU should decide what path to take for cancer treatment as IT IS YOUR LIFE YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR!

Chemo Was Taking It's Toll On Me

Left weak and sickly from chemo

Unless you are, or have experienced, going through chemotherapy treatment it is hard to understand the toll it can take both physically and emotionally.

I would never have seen these grandsons

Here are the two grandsons I would never have seen and been a part of their lives had I not tried alternatives.