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Free Shipping When You Order Three Or More Books

Keep one for yourself and have a couple on hand to share with someone who may benefit from reading how I beat cancer. You never know when sharing this book you may change the outcome for another person.

Mail Service

If you prefer not to use electronic payment methods, you are welcome to send a money order via U.S. Post Office mail. Please complete all required fields on the order form and submit with money order to the address indicated on the form below..


We do NOT charge for drop shipping book(s) to someone you know with cancer.
There is no charge for shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

Only $19.95 (plus $5.05 S&H)

*NOTE: North Carolina residents. Due to our complex tax structure, a flat sales tax rate of 7% will be added to your order. Yes, some are higher and some are lower, so I averaged. Thanks for your understanding!

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If you prefer not to pay electronically, you can still order the book by sending a money order via U.S. Postal Service mail to the address on the attached order form.

IF SENDING MONEY ORDER, please complete this order form and submit with payment.

PayPal offers fraud protection and 24-hour monitoring and encryption. Because of their verified and enhanced security measures, I have chosen PayPal as the preferred method for completing purchase transactions for my 5th and Final Edition Cancer Book.

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If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can create a new account before you pay. If you don’t want to create an account, you can pay using a credit or debit card.

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I WILL be happy to help you if you have a question about how to order but I can NOT give you ANY advice about YOUR cancer or the cancer of a family member or friend.

WHY? First, I am not a doctor therefore I should NOT be giving advice. I am just someone who had absolute “no hope” terminal cancer and beat it with alternatives. I am simply sharing what saved my life with any interested cancer victims, thru my book.

Second, our legal system considers me even discussing your cancer as “practicing medicine WITHOUT a license”. THAT could send me to jail, get issued a BIG fine and have even BIGGER legal bills fighting it. This is why there is no phone number listed on the website, not that I don’t care. If I didn’t care I would not have spent TEN years of my life researching, writing & publishing my Cancer Book with my own money.