When Doctors Lost Hope, Tommy Johnson Sr.
Defeated Cancer With Alternative Medicine

For Immediate Release by veteran journalist Deb Williams

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Ten years after Tommy Johnson Sr.’s oncologist told him to prepare to die because the chemotherapy treatments weren’t working on his colon cancer, the Iowa native is enjoying life with his family and his grandchildren.

How did he beat the odds? Through exhaustive research that led him to an alternative medicinal regime currently shunned by government regulating agencies.

In Johnson’s just released, self-published book “The True Story of How I Survived Absolute Terminal Cancer”, the former drag racer describes the emotional roller-coaster he faced while desperately trying to find a cure after being told he had only three months to live. In his 116-page, paper-back book, Johnson details the daily regime he uses to keep the cancer at bay, shares his medical records and talks about how the life altering event changed him personally. He also candidly expresses his opinion regarding a cure for cancer and why he believes the medical industry doesn’t want to find one.

In this emotional rendition of his battle with colon cancer, Johnson encourages people fighting the dreaded disease to never lose hope and to take control of their destiny by researching alternative treatments. Written in the first person, Johnson honestly reveals every emotion he faced and the various thoughts that raced through his mind after being given his “death sentence.”

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