God is good, another cancer survivor with the Bible and the Cancer Book by Tommy Johnson Sr.

It just amazes me how many people have used BOTH of these books together to cure cancer. I am so ashamed of the government for not making the many cures for cancer available to the public.

I have had many doctors tell me in the United States we JUST treat cancer but in other countries they cure it.
Reverend Mel R.
Hi Big Brother, I have a short story to tell you. Remember my friend (from Massillon, Ohio) I told you about early in the year who had been diagnosed with lung and bone cancer and had been sent home to get her possessions in order (they had given weeks to a few months to live?) well I gave her your Tommy Johnson Sr. CANCER BOOK. Her husband wanting to do everything he could to help her so has followed what Tommy Johnson Sr. said he took for his cancer.
He makes up the Herbal Tea for her to drink and has her taking the alternative supplements the book told about. At her last appointment the doctor could not find any cancer in her lungs and the bone cancer is in remission at this time. She thanks me every week for the book when I call.
I want to thank you for giving me the book in the first place. She has had Chemo and Radiation but truly believes it is the book that is helping her. How wonderful!!!! When she was first diagnosed she was told they would do Chemo and radiation but did not guarantee it would help, they felt the cancer was spreading too rapidly.
The doctor is amazed at her progress, she said "she and her husband just look at each other smile and wink"!
THANK YOU for helping my friend by giving me the Tommy Johnson Sr. CANCER BOOK.
Ray W.
(from his sister)
Tommy, I had to tell you this because I knew you would appreciate it. Last week I went in for my annual physical with my GP. I went in three days before to the lab and gave them a blood sample to test.
When my doctor came into the examining room, she set her lap top on the counter and looked at it for a second and turned to me and said, "you sure had our lab in an uproar over your blood tests. They ran the results and everything , every reading came back perfect. They thought the machine was running it's test setup procedure. The supervisor came in and ran the tests and got the same results. They then ran someone Else's test and the readings hopped all over like normal. You were the first they or I have ever seen who had a perfect printout. I don't know what you are doing and maybe it's just as well I don't know but keep it up."
Tommy, I have been on your complete program for over six weeks and I truly think it helps your total body system. I've given all of the books I have bought away and am going to order more-Ha.
Bless you Guy!
Dave F.